All You Need To Know About Candida Infection

You may believe, just what is a candida albicans infection? Candida fungus is a yeast that lives in percentages in your mucous membranes (mouth, intestines). The work of this yeast is to support digestion. Nevertheless, when the balance is disturbed and there are great deals of candida albicans yeast present in your gut you get […]

Most Common FAQs About Liposuction

Just how much fat can be drawn away? The limitation for volume shifting during treatment is 4 liters in the Netherlands. You might think that this is not even so much fat but it is comparable to 4 kg. Exactly what you see on TV of liposucties in America where 10-12 liters is eliminated is […]

Mental Aging Is Just A Fun

Fifty is the brand-new forty! And to see Mich and Fabienne that is never lie. How are they facing their aging? Exactly what do they like about it? And exactly what are the less pleasant elements? A round-table discussion with two vibrant fifty-something. Milestone Fabienne: “I felt that being fifty is a turning point. I […]