Bodybuilding training schedules come in all shapes and sizes. A training schedule can have various purposes such as: Mass, Bulk or fitness. Thus, there is ‘no best method’. Certain schemes can, however, offer results in what you want to achieve.

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Duration of a training schedule

A bodybuilding training schedule usually has a duration of 6 to 8 weeks. This is because your muscle groups need to be stimulated again after a certain time and also deserve a rest. With an average training time of 90 minutes and 4 workouts per week, this is quite understandable. Characteristic of a schedule is a weekly overview containing the days that you will exercise. It is important to have a clear representation of the muscle group to be trained and the appropriate exercises, materials, etc.


Diet and supplements

A recurring and extremely important element is nutrition. It is therefore advisable to draw up a nutrition schedule in addition to your body build training schedule. The better the diet is tuned in, the faster your muscles will recover well. With a good nutrition schedule you get the most out of your workouts. You can supplement your diet with supplements such as pre-workout or various shakes.

Bodybuilding training schedule for beginners

Bodybuilding is for everyone. So even if you’ve never been to a gym, there are schedules available that will help you on your way to becoming a bodybuilder.

The base

There are certain effects that apply to both beginners and experienced bodybuilders. For example, taking rest and maintaining a good diet is essential for the growth of your muscles.

If you want to build your body in the best possible way, you will have to use the best exercises. The most effective exercises are compound exercises and exercises that you perform using your own body weight. When you start with strength training, especially exercises with equipment are recommended. The range of motion reduces the chance of incorrect execution and injuries . Before you really go up in weights, it is important that you master the execution of the exercise well.

It’s a lifestyle

Bodybuilding is not only a way of training, but also of life. Therefore, changes in nutrition and training will not be short-lived. If you want to achieve real results, you will need perseverance. You will really have to see your training and nutrition as a lifestyle.

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