Are you also one of the many people who want to lose weight by the belly and want to go into summer with a flat belly ? Then you will be given 10 tips in this article to get that done.

Many women (but certainly also men) are tired of their big bellies. Not only do they dislike their belly and become unsure of it, they also see that too much fat can have adverse effects on their health.

Getting a flat stomach requires some work. Unfortunately, it is not the case that by training your abdominal muscles hard you can have a tight abdomen within a few days. However, those who are persistent can make a lot of progress.


Flat Stomach

# 1 Watch your diet

In general, losing weight means paying attention to your diet. Nutrition is critical. Because on the one hand, nutrition provides you with the energy you need to perform and function for a day. But too much of the same food can cause you to gain weight and store fat.

The rule is: eat less energy than you consume. Your body will then have to burn to gain energy.

The way you eat and drink is also very important. For example, you have carbohydrates in two forms, one of which you should avoid. You can read more about this in point 5.

# 2 Drink plenty of water

Are you someone who is always hungry and eats too much? Then it is good to drink a lot of water. You fill up faster with water. Water does not nourish, but it can help prevent you from eating more. If you are saturated faster, you simply get less energy.

In any case, it is good to drink water. Water cleans and purifies. People who drink a lot of water often feel a lot healthier and fitter. And because you get a lot of moisture in this way and little to no sugars (or other additives), you don’t have to worry about drinking too much.

# 3 Exercise a lot

Another golden rule Is that you burn energy through movement. The more you move, the more you will burn. If you adjust your diet and habits accordingly, you can achieve enormous success. In any case, always exercise more than you get in energy.

The more intensely you move, the more energy you will burn.

In addition, muscle mass can ensure that fat is burned by itself. Proteins from food nourish these muscles and, as it were, ensure that you automatically convert energy and make it disappear.

# 4 Don’t focus on abs

It is a logical thought to train abdominal muscles if you want to burn belly fat. But losing weight on your stomach will not happen faster because you are training abs. Abdominal exercises strengthen your abs, make them bigger and more present. But they hardly burn fat.

Doing abdominal exercises is not wrong. In any case, it ensures that the six-pack is “ready”, but then you must first ensure that the fat around it disappears.

So focus on your entire body. Burn fat wherever it burns. Combine points 1 and 2 together, you move an accident and eat healthy. You will see that the belly fat will disappear automatically.

# 5 Carbohydrates and proteins

As said, people often eat wrong. From now on, you should try to eat more protein instead of simple carbohydrates.
You can eat complex carbohydrates as usual! That may sound confusing, but this article tells you a lot more about it.

# 6 Fats aren’t bad!

The word “fat” is not necessarily bad! It often happens that people suddenly stop eating fats, because they think that they make them fatter. But you can also burn belly fat by eating unsaturated fats. You can find them in fish (packed with omega 3 fatty acids) and nuts and seeds.

So read well in advance, in what is and is not allowed. But it is not the case that you have to leave fats! Leaving simple carbohydrates (read point 5) will have much more positive consequences!

# 7 Give yourself time

Losing weight on your stomach is a long process. Anyone who hopes to have no belly fat in a week or two will be disappointed.

Allow yourself time to lose weight. Do not obsessively focus on your end goal every day, but try to change your living and eating habits. It is better to focus on an overall healthier lifestyle than just just the result of reducing your belly fat.

You will see that when you deal with this in a relaxed way, you achieve much more and faster results than when you are desperately busy at any hour of the day. It will certainly not go fast enough for you.

# 8 Snacks

Such another pitfall are snacks. Those who are losing weight and want to burn belly fat are busy and can just get hungry or hungry. A snack here and there quickly becomes a lot. And you should actually try to prevent that. Because all those snacks together ensure that you still get too much energy.

# 9 Alcohol and belly fat

Belly fat and alcohol are the best friends. That means for you that you have to keep them apart! Alcoholic drinks (wine, beer and liqueurs) are packed with carbohydrates and sugars. The sweeter the liqueur, the more sugars it contains.
All those sugars are stored and build up around your stomach. In this way, someone who drinks a lot of alcohol ensures that the belly fat is maintained.

What is also a shame is that if you eat healthy and exercise a lot, but drink a lot of alcohol, all your work will be in vain. After all, the alcohol ensures that your belly fat will not disappear, even if you exercise every day and eat healthy. So keep size with alcohol.

# 10 Lose weight together

It is never nice to lose weight on your own, because that requires a lot of self-control and discipline. That is why it is important to lose weight with someone else. Find a buddy. Someone you feel comfortable with and who can help you if things go wrong.

The best is of course when you can lose weight with your partner or another roommate, because they know exactly what you are doing and are in the same boat.

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