What Are Anabolic Steroids?

What Are Anabolic Steroids?

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Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic steroids are chemical variants of the male sex hormone testosterone, a hormone that the body produces itself.

Testosterone ensures muscle building and sexual maturity. This is most evident in puberty boys, as their natural testosterone production increases. They get a heavy voice, pubic hair, chest hair, and also more muscle mass. Women also produce testosterone, but in much smaller amounts than men.

Anabolic steroids are on the doping list of prohibited substances. It must not be used outside and during matches for people who are members of a sports association.

What does it do?

Muscles largely consist of proteins. Anabolics promote the production of proteins and also inhibit the breakdown. This increases muscle mass. Anabolics further increase the production of red blood cells, which increases the ability to exercise for a long time.

Muscles can only process a limited number of steroids. An excess of steroids, therefore, has no effect and worsens the side effects listed below. Anabolics are only effective if you keep a good diet and exercise regularly.

Addiction Rate

Anabolics are physically and mentally addictive. After a cure, users feel strong, confident, and feel like having sex. After stopping, these feelings turn into the opposite. You become lifeless and down. Muscle mass also decreases again. As a result, the renewed use of lurks. When you take steroids, your body stops the natural production of testosterone. Recovery from this can take from several months to a year.


Other risks/side effects

In men and women

  •  Hair loss;
  •  Acne on back and shoulders, oily skin;
  •  Headache, nausea, dizziness;
  •  Irritable, irritable, aggressive. In the months after use: lifeless, lethargy, depressed;
  •  More sex drive during use, then opposite;
  •  Muscle and tendon rupture;
  •  Heart: changes in heart tissue that reduce stimulus conduction and pump function;
  •  Hepatic impairment (jaundice) and renal impairment;
  •  Negative effect on the thyroid gland.


Specifically in women

  •  Mustache and beard growth;
  •  Hoarse and low voice;
  •  Clitoral enlargement.

Specifically in men

  •  Reduction of testicles;
  •  Breast formation in men (the extra amount of testosterone also produces estrogen, which leads to breast formation).
  •  Impotence and Infertility. Sperm reduction.
  •  Enlargement of the prostate with age-related ailments as a result of painful urination and ejaculation.



The products you can buy are often unreliable. It may contain other substances, it may contain more or less. Sometimes there is even nothing at all. Due to the large deviations, the effects are unpredictable. Blends and cuts can cause a bacteriological infection.

What is blanching vegetables?

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Blanching is an act that is performed in the kitchen. Blanching can be done both in water and in oil. The kitchen technique of blanching is simple and for everyone to learn. Blanching is cooking vegetables for a short time, a maximum of a few minutes in a boiling liquid; mostly water. After this, the vegetables are cooled by rinsing them with cold water.

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Two Blanching Techniques with Water

blanching technique

Blanching in water is possible in two ways. You can boil the water and add the vegetables. That is the most familiar way. In addition, you can put the vegetables in the cold water in the pan and slowly bring to the boil. When the water is boiling, the vegetables have already been pre-cooked; therefore it needs to be shorter in the cooking water. The vegetables gradually get used to the warm water and gradually become tender. He misses the fright of suddenly being thrown into the cooking water. Brewing with the cold water is more difficult because you have to time exactly when the vegetable is ready to eat. The easiest thing is to taste.

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Rinse Cold after Blanching

Rinse Cold after Blanching

To keep blanched vegetables crispy, you should rinse them with cold water. Contrary to what they have to do with their own heat, which they will still retain for at least a quarter of an hour; long enough to be cooked. That is perishing ring called.

Penetration after blanching

On the other hand, you can also use the phenomenon of passing through as a culinary technique. After blanching, you pour the water almost completely; you leave a small piece in the pan; no more than a layer of a millimeter. Remove the pan from the heat. Then the vegetable cooks through its own heat and the heat of the pan. This seems to be a superfluous technique because the blanching element is destroyed. But it can be ideal if you do not have a lot of pips and still want to make an extensive meal. On holiday you can go on a spaghetti of spaghetti while you make the sauce.

Blanch Green Beans

Blanch green beans

The result of blanching differs for each vegetable. Green beans can be cooked al dente by means of two minutes of blanching. The green beans can not be eaten raw; then it contains too many toxic substances. Eating a single green bean raw can not hurt, but a salad of raw green beans is definitely not healthy. Beetgare green beans have, as the word says, a light bite. They can participate well in a salad. By cooking briefly they keep their bright green color; they do not turn gray.

Leaf Blanching

Leaf blanching

Leaf vegetables can also be simply blanched. The blanching time of leafy vegetables varies from a half to a full minute. Most leafy vegetables such as kale and spinach can be eaten raw. By blanching you can further process them more easily in a meal. The blanched vegetables retain many useful nutrients. Long cooking ensures that a vegetable is less nutritious.

Everything about a breast enlargement

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One of the most common procedures in the field of plastic surgery is breast augmentation. If you have asymmetrical breasts, have undergone a mastectomy or are very unsure about your breasts, you can consider this procedure. Although it is a minor operation, there is a lot involved and it is wise to deepen yourself a lot in the subject and get informed by a good plastic surgeon.

What is a breast augmentation?

A breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that changes the shape or size of the breast. This is done by means of a prosthesis that is inserted into the breast and thus enlarges the breast. This procedure is performed by a plastic surgeon. Usually the patient is admitted for a day treatment and may return home the same day. The procedure takes place under a general anesthetic and is usually not reimbursed by an insurer.

Types of breast prostheses

There are many types of breast prostheses on the market that all differ in terms of shape, content, size and quality. It is very important to get a lot of information about the different types of breast prostheses. The shell of the prostheses are always made of silicone, but the difference is in the filling of the prostheses;

Prosthesis with liquid silicone gel

The oldest form of a breast prosthesis is the prosthesis with liquid silicone gel. This type of prosthesis gives the most natural result and feels the most natural. Disadvantage; If the prosthesis starts to leak, the liquid is difficult to remove. The silicone gel goes through the body. After much scientific research has shown that this can do no harm. However, this type of breast prosthesis is still little used now that there are prostheses with solid silicone gel that can not leak.

Prosthesis with cohesive (solid) silicone gel

This type of prosthesis gives almost the same result as the upper liquid variant. The advantage is that this prosthesis can not leak. For this reason, this type of prosthesis is increasingly being used.

Prosthesis with physiological saline

The advantage of this type of prosthesis is that the silicone filling is only filled when the prosthesis is already in the chest. This requires a smaller incision to place the prosthesis and thus a smaller scar. However, there is a chance that the prosthesis will leak, which in itself can not do any harm because the physiological saline solution is absorbed by the body. This means two unequal breasts, so a new intervention. This type of prosthesis can also feel unnatural.

Monobloc prosthesis filled with hydrogel

This type of prosthesis is a silicone shell that is filled with hydrogel. This consists of 95% water and 5% sugar. The disadvantage of this prosthesis is that the hydrogel can leak out of the prosthesis and end up in the body. The hydrogel can also absorb water from the body in the event of a leak, resulting in swollen breasts.

Capsular formation

After placing the prosthesis, the body starts to create scar tissue that forms around the prosthesis, this is called capsular formation. This is a natural process of the body that reacts to something that is not the body’s own, the prosthesis. If there is too much capsule formation, it may be necessary to have it removed surgically.

Why are some beards curly?

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Whether your beard grows straight or curly depends on the shape of your hair follicles. Symmetric hair follicles will grow straight hairs lying flat. If the hair follicle is asymmetrical, an oval shaped hair will grow here, which will curl more and more when it gets longer. Even symmetrical hair follicles can grow curly hair if the hair shaft has an uneven distribution of a specific type of keratin .

Another common reason for a curly, unmanageable beard is dryness. When your beard is dry and damaged, it will become stiff and start to curl in no time. Dryness is usually caused when your beard washes too often with raw shampoos that rid your facial hair of the natural oils. Unless you need to wash the beard only one to three times a week with a specialized beard shampoo .

Men who are new to the world of beards often think that the more, the better is in the field of using shampoo on the beard. That is why they make a mistake and use shampoo too often, which makes them run the risk of their beards getting damaged.

Unlike shampoo, you need to use beard oil almost daily. It is best to apply this after showering, because this way you will moisten your dry beard again.

Poor hygiene and dehydration can also lead to dry facial hair. Men like to touch their beards and caress them, but when this is done with dirty hands, this leads to potential problems for your beard. Add the food and drinks that often stay behind in your beard and you can expect your facial hair to become unhealthy. More dirt in your beard makes it harder to comb these and the result is a rough, stiff and curly beard. If you want your beard to look better, pay more attention to your hygiene.

Not drinking enough water leads to dehydration. Just like the rest of your body, your beard needs this water, and your beard and skin become dry as a result of dehydration. To prevent your beard from becoming dry and thereby curly, you should ensure that you drink an optimal amount of water daily to moisten your facial hair and thus prevent dryness.

Burn more fat by training on an empty stomach

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In 1988 a study was published looking at the effect of a meal on energy consumption during exercise. The energy consumption was examined during exertion before a meal and just after a meal. There was no difference in the total amount of energy consumed. However, the participants burned more fat with an empty stomach compared to athletes who had recently eaten. The meal for exercise did not result in a higher energy consumption, but that less fat was burned [1]. The conclusion of this research has led many athletes to decide to train on an empty stomach, with the intention of burning fat and losing weight. But how complete and recent is this research. Is exercise on an empty stomach now so sensible? And does this method really work? Below you will find an answer.

The short answer: despite the fact that you burn more fats with an effort on an empty stomach, this does not mean that you burn more calories – and you will probably not be able to lose weight faster by training on an empty stomach. In addition, exercising on an empty stomach has a negative effect on performance.

Energy consumption

Just back to the basics: to lose weight it is important to create a negative energy balance. This can be done simply in three ways: by eating less, or more exercise; or of course a combination of both. Training in itself has a positive effect on energy combustion, but does it also make sense to run around in the morning without breakfast? B


Cortisol, also called hydrocortisone, belongs to the glucocorticoids. These adrenal cortex hormones affect the glucose balance in the body [3] . The release is associated with stress. Cortisol production is increased if the body is subject to stress. By this I mean not only mental stress, but also an increased physical load. The cortisol concentration in the blood depends on the athlete’s load; the greater the load, the greater the separation.

Cortisol causes the blood sugar concentration in the blood plasma to increase, and is therefore a functional hormone: the body needs extra glucose in stress situations. Cortisol also inhibits glucose uptake by the cells, resulting in more glucose in the blood. In addition, it promotes the production of glucose in the liver and muscles. To make this possible, glucose formation (gluconeogenesis) takes place from glycerol and lactic acid, but also from amino acids. Cortisol inhibits protein formation and promotes the breakdown of proteins, especially in the muscles, so that amino acids are released for gluconeogenesis [3] . This is something that you do not strive for with training; what you want is that the amino acids are used for protein synthesis (muscle recovery) and that the blood sugar is burned as an energy source.

Furthermore, training on an empty stomach stimulates the release of cortisol, which can lead to the breakdown of proteins in the muscles. The best thing for the activity is to consume a carbohydrate-rich meal in order to build up an optimal carbohydrate supply. I recommend taking a meal with a cardio workout for up to two hours before the workout. This is because of the risk of gastrointestinal complaints. Up to one hour before exercise, you can eat a lightly digestible snack, such as a piece of fruit, a bowl of yogurt or a sandwich [4]. People who do expensive or interval training should ideally eat earlier than two hours in advance. When practicing strength training, it will not be a problem for many to eat warm up to an hour before the workout.

Treatment of Nerve Pain

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Why does nerve pain occur?

When a nerve is damaged, incorrect signals may occur in this and the nearby nerves. When nerves in the pain system transmit such signals, the brain perceives that something happens in the area that the nerve originally came from. After an amputation of the arm, one can thus have a feeling of pain in the thumb, even though the impulses that reach the brain start in the cut nerve endings. Similarly, after an injury to the spinal cord, one may have a feeling of diffuse leg pain. The damaged nerves can also be extra sensitive so that a light touch causes the nerve to transmit many impulses that are then perceived by the brain as a painful touch. 

Where does nerve pain typically occur?

Neves pain occurs in areas where sensory sense has changed due to the underlying disease / injury. If you have nerve pain after a blood clot in the brain, the pain often occurs on one side of the body, while pain due to nerve inflammation due to diabetes often occurs in both feet and perhaps both hands. After amputation of an arm one can experience pain in the stump (blunt pain) and also pain in the missing arm or hand (phantom pain). Nerve pain may occur immediately after the damage to the nervous system, but may also occur months after the injury.

How Does Nerve Pain Feel?

Nerve pain is often burning, tingling / stinging, spinning, tightening, cutting, icy or chasing, but varies from person to person. In some people the pain is constant, while others experience seizures of pain. In some cases, increased sensitivity is described in the skin, so that quite light touch or contact with something cold feels uncomfortable or painful. This phenomenon is referred to as allodynia. This can in some cases cause you to not have to wear clothes in the area or that it hurts to bathe. You will often find that the nerve pain is exacerbated by illness, in the cold, by stress or the like. Nerve pain can be very violent. They can, in some cases, be accompanied by depression and may give rise to the fact that one cannot take care of his job or do ordinary household tasks.

How does the doctor diagnose?

The doctor will prepare a careful medical history and examine whether there is any change in sensation in the area of ​​pain and other signs of damage to the nervous system. In some cases, it will be obvious that there is a nerve injury, for example after an operation, but in other cases, further investigations are needed, for example, a scan or an examination of the nerve conduction rate.

What are the treatment options?

In some cases, the underlying disease of the nervous system can be treated (for example, by surgery for disc herniation), but often there will be symptomatic treatment. Common painkillers will often have no effect on nerve pain. Nerve pain is instead treated with medication for epilepsy or depression because these drugs have an inhibitory effect on the overactive pain pathways. The list below includes various treatment options for chronic pain. What treatments are offered depend on the cause of the pain and the effect of the pain on the mental and social conditions:




training and physiotherapy

mental health counseling

In some cases, the nerve pain decreases or disappears, but nerve pain is in many cases chronic. Since one cannot say in advance who will have the effect of a given treatment, many will experience having to try different drugs. It is very individual how much pain relief one can achieve without getting unpleasant side effects from the medicine. Not everyone with nerve pain will have pain relief, and many will only be able to achieve partial pain relief, perhaps a 30% reduction in their pain.

What can you do yourself?

One needs to be aware of whether there are factors that aggravate the pain. Some should be aware of trying to avoid stress or cold. Regular night’s sleep is important. If the skin is very sensitive in a delimited area, a tight band may in some cases help. Learning different relaxation techniques and learning to abstract from the pain can also be helpful, for example, by focusing on something else. 

All You Need To Know About Candida Infection

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You may believe, just what is a candida albicans infection? Candida fungus is a yeast that lives in percentages in your mucous membranes (mouth, intestines). The work of this yeast is to support digestion. Nevertheless, when the balance is disturbed and there are great deals of candida albicans yeast present in your gut you get symptoms.

Normally your body immune system and the great bacteria keep the balance. Nevertheless, there are numerous factors that can considerably increase the Candida albicans population:

The various terms discussed briefly

The most popular isolated microbe is the Candida Albicans that resides in your mucous membranes in regular amounts. Keeping the population under control under control is vital to get or not to experience a candida infection.

Candidiasis is the general term to describe that you have actually become ill from the candida fungus bacterium. Candidiasis is likewise connected with oidomycosis, moniliasis or candidios. The vast majority of individuals experience candida fungus which is what this short article will have to do with.

8 symptoms that you may suffer

A candida fungus infection is not constantly recognizable. This is since the symptoms can vary significantly per person. Below is a list of the most typical symptoms of a yeast infection:

Lifeless and often little energy
Digestion grievances such as flatulence, bloating, diarrhea
Difficulty concentrating and remembering things
Skin rashes such as eczema, psoriasis and red areas
Quickly inflamed, stress and anxiety, anxiety
Vaginal infections
The burden of allergic reactions
Big yearning for sugar

As you can see, the symptoms are rather different. In particular, a huge craving for sugar is a symptom that frequently takes place. If you believe you experience a yeast infection but you do unknown for sure, have yourself taken a look at by a specialist. Through a blood test it can be figured out whether there is a case of yeast overgrowth.

What can you do?

The most reliable treatment versus a candida fungus infection in the intestinal tracts is to stop the overgrowth. The first step is to restore your digestive flora so that toxins are no longer released in your blood stream.

You restore your intestinal flora primarily by following a diet low in carbs. This is also called an anti- candida diet plan and is rather efficient in stopping a candida fungus infection.

However, with diet plan alone it can take a while prior to the balance is restored. That is why you can supplement the diet with anti fungal representatives such as oregano oil, caprylic acid and probiotics. Some supplements include all these parts so that you can eliminate a candida infection much quicker.

Nevertheless, too fast is definitely not recommended. When candida fungus yeast is eliminated too rapidly, you can experience candida fungus that are off signs This means that a lot of toxic substances are launched at once in your blood so that the liver can not manage it.

Candida albicans that off symptoms.

Hunkering for sugar
Intestinal complaints
Reduced resistance

The best method is to begin with a well balanced candida fungus diet plan first. Then follow the diet and gradually start the intake of probiotics and anti-fungal agents. Because the last thing you desire is to suffer from candida albicans that are off symptoms since you might then stop the diet plan.

Extra ideas to deal with candida infection in the intestinal tracts

Garlic has natural anti fungal component parts. It is a great tip to take a garlic supplement throughout a yeast infection (due to the fact that of the greater dose). You can likewise easily use garlic in your meals.

Goldenseal was originally used versus skin grievances and digestion problems. Goldenseal works due to the fact that it promotes the growth of” good” germs. You can take goldenseal as a tablet or liquid. When pregnant, it is much better not to take a goldenseal.

Grapefruit seed extract strengthens your resistance and is conducive to the pH levels in your body. In addition, grapefruit seed extract is rich in essential vitamins and flavonoids.

Oregano oil is the most powerful anti fungal natural treatment to get. It is so reliable that even candida fungus that off signs can occur at too high doses. You can get oregano oil liquid or in a pill. It is important to dilute oregano oil well in order not to burn your mouth. When pregnancy or a scarcity of iron, it is much better not to take an oregano oil. Beware because oregano oil can also kill the good germs.

Caprylic acid has the residential or commercial property to strengthen the defense versus undesirable (excessive) fungi and yeasts. In foods you can also discover caprylic acid in little quantities, such as coconut oil. However, to fight a candida fungus infection supplements are suggested, you can get them at the organic food store or online.

Slowly build up and not take everything together. Start with a couple of anti candida fungus supplements and focus on your diet plan and health!

Tips to get candida under control

As soon as you have mastered yeast, it is advised to avoid repeating infections. Now you do not have to follow the candida fungus diet completely. However, do incorporate some good parts of the diet plan such as not excessive refined sugar and processed foods.

Below are some suggestions to keep yeast infections out:

No more sweets and sugary foods to eat – not on an empty stomach anyhow
Take a multivitamin to keep your resistance strong
Do not consume too much alcohol and limit it to a maximum of 2 glasses (much better is wine).
Begin with drinking green smoothies.
Try to consume less and less processed!

What is the next step?

Almost everybody experiences a yeast infection, it can certainly be difficult to recognize as the signs differ greatly. The very best way to deal with a yeast infection (in addition to medication) is to follow an anti-candida diet. This in combination with probiotics and perhaps anti fungal methods to accelerate healing.

Most Common FAQs About Liposuction

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Just how much fat can be drawn away?

The limitation for volume shifting during treatment is 4 liters in the Netherlands. You might think that this is not even so much fat but it is comparable to 4 kg. Exactly what you see on TV of liposucties in America where 10-12 liters is eliminated is forbidden in the Netherlands. The sign is then mainly bad; there liposuction is still utilized to reduce weight.

The number of cc’s of fat that is eliminated is not the most essential; the treated location should slope carefully to the surrounding areas. The liposuction is only ready when just wetness (in some cases bloody) comes out of the suction tube. That is completion point of the treatment.

How long do I need to use flexible pressure clothing?

For 4 to 6 weeks you will continually use a pressure pack on the location that has actually been treated. You will receive personal suggestions throughout the consultation.

For how long do I need to wait on my work?

Depending on whether you are doing physically demanding work, you are recommended to take a week off after liposuction. The extent of liposuction (variety of areas) is likewise definitive.

Do I have pain after liposuction?

No, discomfort is not in the foreground. You can compare it with a firm muscle discomfort after you have played. Yes, there might be bruising and swelling however this does not restrict you in your life.

Is it remedy that it readies to work out a lot after liposuction?

We do recommend to move adequately (light load) after the operation. As an outcome, the blood circulation is stimulated and waste products are dealt with better and faster. Just strolling and quiet biking is wise to return a few days after the operation.

Are there threats of liposuction?

If you are completely healthy and do not use medication, the dangers are really low. There may be some fluid leak from the little openings for the very first 2 Days, causing liposuction. A bleeding or infection is really seldom seen. Abnormalities of the treated area, which indicates scarcles of the skin under the skin, everybody has and often end up being more palpable and/ or visible when the swelling reductions. Connective tissue massage from the second week after the treatment assists to decrease this.

Mental Aging Is Just A Fun

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Fifty is the brand-new forty! And to see Mich and Fabienne that is never lie. How are they facing their aging? Exactly what do they like about it? And exactly what are the less pleasant elements? A round-table discussion with two vibrant fifty-something.


Fabienne: “I felt that being fifty is a turning point. I understood: now I am officially old.
However the strange thing was that I did not feel old at all. I was still the like in the past. In fact, I feel more youthful and more vital at this age than when I was in my thirties. Then I was really busy with kids and with my work. Those years have flown by because it was running continually. I now take pleasure in life far more. “

Mich: “When I was in his twenties, I found fifty older. Individuals were then also psychologically older than the fifties these days. I am busy with whatever: I work, I am at a photo club … My kids have actually just recently left your house and I enjoy my regained freedom. My life is anything however boring or ‘old’. “

Fun & less good

Fabienne: “I discover that I am a lot more positive because I was 50 years old.
In the past I typically thought that others would understand much better than me. But recently I have actually been much more thinking about myself and in what I desire and find. For example, I never ever buy anything once again due to the fact that I feel I have to. “

Mich: “I have never had problems with that. I have constantly followed my own course. Only in relationships did I bypass myself excessive. I have actually often admitted to keep the relationship well, at the expense of myself. I do refrain from doing that any longer. “

Fabienne: “No, neither do I. I am now going to exercise four times a week, rather of one. My spouse asked concerns about it in the start, however then I said, “I need that to make me feel great.” I recommend my daughter therefore to defend her needs and wishes in her relationship. “

Mich: “Another benefit of aging is that you will be more relativised. I do not stress over things so quickly. And I’m less likely to be satisfied: even though the façade is still so gorgeous, everybody has their troubles. “

Fabienne: “Spiritually, getting older is just fun. I am less fond of the physical changes. I am not in menopause yet, but I already struggle with hot flashes. Actually not nice … “

Mich: “No, that menopause is not easy. I have actually remained in it for a few years and there are days when I do unknown myself. That I could eliminate everyone (laughs), or that I am really sensitive and weep the least. “


Mich: “When I was forty, I was a bomb, despite the fact that I say so myself (laughs). And I enjoyed that guys were looking at me in the street. However when I stroll beside me in the street with my gorgeous daughter, I see that head go directly to her … quite confrontational. “

Fabienne: “I’m going to work with the city and just recently I got a” Would you prefer to sit, ma’am?” Pretty confronting. Do I suddenly look so old and bad, I asked myself (laughs). I believe you can look good at any age. I do make an effort for that. For example, I never go outside without makeup, and I moisturize my face with argan oil. “

Mich: “Yes, the older you become, the more you are involved. I am not a maniac, but I think it is essential to look great. I scrub, lubricate creams, usage element 50 and I ensure I do not get excessive with my face in the sun. Thankfully, I have good genes: my mother is 77 and has barely any wrinkles. “.


Fabienne: “I primarily desired a family and my own house. And both have actually prospered. I am extremely delighted with my marriage and with the excellent relationship with my children. “

Mich: “I would have preferred to have studied a little longer.
Anyhow, maybe I was not the person I am now: somebody who is in the world with both feet. “

Fabienne: “I have one thing on my list: traveling. I have seen a lot, however that was with the entire household. I look forward to going on holiday with my hubby soon after the kids leave home. “

Mich:” A dream that I recognized in later life is photography. That has actually always captivated me. Since a few years I belong to an image club. You then work very easily and at your very own speed. And a nice surplus are the happily disturbed people I’ve fulfilled (laughs). On my list is just a home on Karpatos, an authentic Greek island that I love. “

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