Anabolic steroids are chemical variants of the male sex hormone testosterone, a hormone that the body produces itself.

Testosterone ensures muscle building and sexual maturity. This is most evident in puberty boys, as their natural testosterone production increases. They get a heavy voice, pubic hair, chest hair, and also more muscle mass. Women also produce testosterone, but in much smaller amounts than men.

Anabolic steroids are on the doping list of prohibited substances. It must not be used outside and during matches for people who are members of a sports association.

What does it do?


Muscles largely consist of proteins. Anabolics promote the production of proteins and also inhibit the breakdown. This increases muscle mass. Anabolics further increase the production of red blood cells, which increases the ability to exercise for a long time.

Muscles can only process a limited number of steroids. An excess of steroids, therefore, has no effect and worsens the side effects listed below. Anabolics are only effective if you keep a good diet and exercise regularly.

Addiction Rate

Anabolics are physically and mentally addictive. After a cure, users feel strong, confident, and feel like having sex. After stopping, these feelings turn into the opposite. You become lifeless and down. Muscle mass also decreases again. As a result, the renewed use of lurks. When you take steroids, your body stops the natural production of testosterone. Recovery from this can take from several months to a year.

Other risks/side effects

In men and women

  •  Hair loss;
  •  Acne on back and shoulders, oily skin;
  •  Headache, nausea, dizziness;
  •  Irritable, irritable, aggressive. In the months after use: lifeless, lethargy, depressed;
  •  More sex drive during use, then opposite;
  •  Muscle and tendon rupture;
  •  Heart: changes in heart tissue that reduce stimulus conduction and pump function;
  •  Hepatic impairment (jaundice) and renal impairment;
  •  Negative effect on the thyroid gland.

Specifically in women

  •  Mustache and beard growth;
  •  Hoarse and low voice;
  •  Clitoral enlargement.

Specifically in men

  •  Reduction of testicles;
  •  Breast formation in men (the extra amount of testosterone also produces estrogen, which leads to breast formation).
  •  Impotence and Infertility. Sperm reduction.
  •  Enlargement of the prostate with age-related ailments as a result of painful urination and ejaculation.


The products you can buy are often unreliable. It may contain other substances, it may contain more or less. Sometimes there is even nothing at all. Due to the large deviations, the effects are unpredictable. Blends and cuts can cause a bacteriological infection.

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