Whether your beard grows straight or curly depends on the shape of your hair follicles. Symmetric hair follicles will grow straight hairs lying flat. If the hair follicle is asymmetrical, an oval shaped hair will grow here, which will curl more and more when it gets longer. Even symmetrical hair follicles can grow curly hair if the hair shaft has an uneven distribution of a specific type of keratin .

Another common reason for a curly, unmanageable beard is dryness. When your beard is dry and damaged, it will become stiff and start to curl in no time. Dryness is usually caused when your beard washes too often with raw shampoos that rid your facial hair of the natural oils. Unless you need to wash the beard only one to three times a week with a specialized beard shampoo .

Men who are new to the world of beards often think that the more, the better is in the field of using shampoo on the beard. That is why they make a mistake and use shampoo too often, which makes them run the risk of their beards getting damaged.

Unlike shampoo, you need to use beard oil almost daily. It is best to apply this after showering, because this way you will moisten your dry beard again.

Poor hygiene and dehydration can also lead to dry facial hair. Men like to touch their beards and caress them, but when this is done with dirty hands, this leads to potential problems for your beard. Add the food and drinks that often stay behind in your beard and you can expect your facial hair to become unhealthy. More dirt in your beard makes it harder to comb these and the result is a rough, stiff and curly beard. If you want your beard to look better, pay more attention to your hygiene.

Not drinking enough water leads to dehydration. Just like the rest of your body, your beard needs this water, and your beard and skin become dry as a result of dehydration. To prevent your beard from becoming dry and thereby curly, you should ensure that you drink an optimal amount of water daily to moisten your facial hair and thus prevent dryness.

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