Fifty is the brand-new forty! And to see Mich and Fabienne that is never lie. How are they facing their aging? Exactly what do they like about it? And exactly what are the less pleasant elements? A round-table discussion with two vibrant fifty-something.


Fabienne: “I felt that being fifty is a turning point. I understood: now I am officially old.
However the strange thing was that I did not feel old at all. I was still the like in the past. In fact, I feel more youthful and more vital at this age than when I was in my thirties. Then I was really busy with kids and with my work. Those years have flown by because it was running continually. I now take pleasure in life far more. “

Mich: “When I was in his twenties, I found fifty older. Individuals were then also psychologically older than the fifties these days. I am busy with whatever: I work, I am at a photo club … My kids have actually just recently left your house and I enjoy my regained freedom. My life is anything however boring or ‘old’. “

Fun & less good

Fabienne: “I discover that I am a lot more positive because I was 50 years old.
In the past I typically thought that others would understand much better than me. But recently I have actually been much more thinking about myself and in what I desire and find. For example, I never ever buy anything once again due to the fact that I feel I have to. “

Mich: “I have never had problems with that. I have constantly followed my own course. Only in relationships did I bypass myself excessive. I have actually often admitted to keep the relationship well, at the expense of myself. I do refrain from doing that any longer. “

Fabienne: “No, neither do I. I am now going to exercise four times a week, rather of one. My spouse asked concerns about it in the start, however then I said, “I need that to make me feel great.” I recommend my daughter therefore to defend her needs and wishes in her relationship. “

Mich: “Another benefit of aging is that you will be more relativised. I do not stress over things so quickly. And I’m less likely to be satisfied: even though the façade is still so gorgeous, everybody has their troubles. “

Fabienne: “Spiritually, getting older is just fun. I am less fond of the physical changes. I am not in menopause yet, but I already struggle with hot flashes. Actually not nice … “

Mich: “No, that menopause is not easy. I have actually remained in it for a few years and there are days when I do unknown myself. That I could eliminate everyone (laughs), or that I am really sensitive and weep the least. “


Mich: “When I was forty, I was a bomb, despite the fact that I say so myself (laughs). And I enjoyed that guys were looking at me in the street. However when I stroll beside me in the street with my gorgeous daughter, I see that head go directly to her … quite confrontational. “

Fabienne: “I’m going to work with the city and just recently I got a” Would you prefer to sit, ma’am?” Pretty confronting. Do I suddenly look so old and bad, I asked myself (laughs). I believe you can look good at any age. I do make an effort for that. For example, I never go outside without makeup, and I moisturize my face with argan oil. “

Mich: “Yes, the older you become, the more you are involved. I am not a maniac, but I think it is essential to look great. I scrub, lubricate creams, usage element 50 and I ensure I do not get excessive with my face in the sun. Thankfully, I have good genes: my mother is 77 and has barely any wrinkles. “.


Fabienne: “I primarily desired a family and my own house. And both have actually prospered. I am extremely delighted with my marriage and with the excellent relationship with my children. “

Mich: “I would have preferred to have studied a little longer.
Anyhow, maybe I was not the person I am now: somebody who is in the world with both feet. “

Fabienne: “I have one thing on my list: traveling. I have seen a lot, however that was with the entire household. I look forward to going on holiday with my hubby soon after the kids leave home. “

Mich:” A dream that I recognized in later life is photography. That has actually always captivated me. Since a few years I belong to an image club. You then work very easily and at your very own speed. And a nice surplus are the happily disturbed people I’ve fulfilled (laughs). On my list is just a home on Karpatos, an authentic Greek island that I love. “

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