Just how much fat can be drawn away?

The limitation for volume shifting during treatment is 4 liters in the Netherlands. You might think that this is not even so much fat but it is comparable to 4 kg. Exactly what you see on TV of liposucties in America where 10-12 liters is eliminated is forbidden in the Netherlands. The sign is then mainly bad; there liposuction is still utilized to reduce weight.

The number of cc’s of fat that is eliminated is not the most essential; the treated location should slope carefully to the surrounding areas. The liposuction is only ready when just wetness (in some cases bloody) comes out of the suction tube. That is completion point of the treatment.

How long do I need to use flexible pressure clothing?

For 4 to 6 weeks you will continually use a pressure pack on the location that has actually been treated. You will receive personal suggestions throughout the consultation.

For how long do I need to wait on my work?

Depending on whether you are doing physically demanding work, you are recommended to take a week off after liposuction. The extent of liposuction (variety of areas) is likewise definitive.

Do I have pain after liposuction?

No, discomfort is not in the foreground. You can compare it with a firm muscle discomfort after you have played. Yes, there might be bruising and swelling however this does not restrict you in your life.

Is it remedy that it readies to work out a lot after liposuction?

We do recommend to move adequately (light load) after the operation. As an outcome, the blood circulation is stimulated and waste products are dealt with better and faster. Just strolling and quiet biking is wise to return a few days after the operation.

Are there threats of liposuction?

If you are completely healthy and do not use medication, the dangers are really low. There may be some fluid leak from the little openings for the very first 2 Days, causing liposuction. A bleeding or infection is really seldom seen. Abnormalities of the treated area, which indicates scarcles of the skin under the skin, everybody has and often end up being more palpable and/ or visible when the swelling reductions. Connective tissue massage from the second week after the treatment assists to decrease this.

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